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Security Advisory


Includes consulting interactions to provide help on basic security issues and informations about your needs. Hourly Calculated Upon Request
Incident Detection Includes work done to identify the problem and details of your computer or other devices in your network and/or the security events you are experiencing. Hourly Calculated Upon Request
Cyber Detective Involves examining the targeted attacks to you or to assets under your authority, as well as supporting inspections on unauthorized use of your personal or business resources that are under your administration. Hourly Calculated Upon Request
Cyber Hygiene Check-up Performing cyber security health checkup with software and/or hardware inspection in your network; It includes the work of detecting and reporting any harmful software, resources, or network movement. 1 to 4 Weeks / 1 Times Calculated Upon Request
Secure Network Design Includes consultancy efforts to regulate the network structure, considering your security needs. Hourly Calculated Upon Request
Security Advisory

(Advanced Level)

Includes consultancy interactions at the level of expertise needed, to provide you with an advanced level of security issues and solutions for your needs. Hourly Calculated Upon Request


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